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Table Settings for Thanksgiving Dinner

The Mansions Woodland Blog, Conroe, TX — Get your apartment and, more importantly, your table, ready for Thanksgiving dinner this week. Try these Thanksgiving tablescape ideas for a beautiful display for your food.

We hope you’re all ready for the business and fun that’s to come this week, starting with Thanksgiving! Set the tone for a delicious, extravagant, lovely meal in your Mansions Woodland apartment or elsewhere in Conroe, TX by setting the table right. Try these Thanksgiving tablescape ideas to make a stunning backdrop to your favorite foods.

Gilded Leaves

The first idea on the Elements of Style® blog features a minimalistic look that leaves an impact, especially if you don’t have a ton of resources to create something elaborate. All you’ll need is dried leaves, gold spray paint, and a paint pen to make them. Use your best penmanship to write the name of each person who will be at the table on the painted (and dried) leaf for a classy, simple addition to make the dinner feel really special. We suggest using your finest white plates and a neutral-toned tablecloth to pull it all together.

Thanksgiving Table

The pretty table setting ideas from Casa de Perrin are designed to catch the eye and set a specific tone with vibrant colors and a unified theme. In the first one, the table is piled with all kinds of painted pumpkins. Paint a cluster of these pumpkins metallic orange and gold and a matte navy, sky blue, and tan. Lay them out as a centerpiece on the table.

If you have a wooden table, keep it natural and don’t use a tablecloth. If you don’t, use a medium neutral color as the tablecloth. Use a white porcelain plate charger and a dark midnight blue plate. Set napkins and sprigs of your choice of herb on the plates.

Give Thanks Thanksgiving Table Setting

Make your preparations for Thanksgiving dinner the star of your home decorating by using the ideas in this beautiful setup. Use butcher paper and paint for the table runner. Make it extra long so you can paint “give thanks” on the bit hanging over the end of the table’s short side. Then put together a short flower arrangement and bust out your best dishes and some warm-toned napkins and mini white pumpkins for the place settings. It will make your guests feel like they’re dining like fall harvest royalty!

What are your favorite ways to dress up a table for Thanksgiving dinner? Let us know in the comments. We hope you have a fun and fulfilling Thanksgiving and start to the rest of the holiday season!

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